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Function [noun] - an activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing

Function has many purposes. Giving local electronic artists a platform for performance and connection. To give artists the opportunity to come in from the edges and reach an audience. Function gives purpose to machines and people. It gives music its moment. And all creativity deserves a moment.

Presenting electronic artists bound only by a desire to move people emotionally. Synchronised by sonic exploration and punctuated by rhythm and sound.

Function is more than just a music event – it is a celebration of freedom, creativity, and self-expression. We invite you to come and experience the joy of music without constraints, the power of community without boundaries, and the beauty of art without censorship.

Electronica unbound. Waveforms without limits.

friday 9th june
8pm - 1 am
at quarterhouse


night prayers
moomin and the bear


Genre-defying, obsessive music hunter, FERALCHILD weaves a sultry soundtrack, drawing from all possible sides of the music spectrum, from obscure experimental dirges to otherworldly ritualistic loops to unexpected electronic blooms and booms. The result, a collective sonic hypnotism that will have you floating for days.

Helga Promo Image 2.jpeg

Moomin and the Bear


Tumult plays Techno and Electro while pulling in influence from Hardcore/ Shoegaze/ Noise and Industrial into productions and DJ sets. 

Josh Promo Pic.webp

Night Prayer

Creator of acid/proto-jungle/old skool hardcore with flavours of '92, Night Prayers creates complex rhythms that both haunt and hypnotise. 

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